The Montserrat rack railway was the first one in Spain to use a metric rack railway. Its construction began in the year 1881 and it was lead by the company "Ferrocarriles de Montaña a Grandes Pendientes", and the first use of the railway was on 1892. Steam locomotives were used push the wagons.

On July the 25th of 1953, on a very busy day, a very unfortunate accident took place and caused the railway to lose its fame completely until it was closed due to being out of business in 1957. The signs on the station stated that traffic was suspended rather than completely closed, mind you.

Years later, in 2001, a new plan was about to turn that railway into the new Montserrat rack railway using nothing but money, work, sweat, sheer will and a lot of spirit. The station was modified in order to ensure correct traffic and circulation, and with the use of new technologies, all means of transport were modernized, so the station would become THE place to go for everyone that visited Montserrat once again.